Startups and Initiatives

IHEXBOT Data Technologies

Other than Traditional IT Services , IHEXBOT Data Technologies provides Solution Stack of Technologies to delivers end to end software solutions based on deep learning innovative algorithms for computer vision, natural language processing, anomaly detection, Image Processing and more. Ihexbot was Islamabad based Startup acquired by A.Q solutions in 2018.

Khairul Bariyah Foundation

Khairul Bariyah Use Authentic Quranic Verses and Hadiths as Guideline and Use modern technologies,Business principles to Revolutionize the Charity and Social Welfare Work. Khairul Bariyah MarketPlace is where Sellers(individual or Company) who ,have skills ,products or services sells to customers/clients who needs these products or services. It includes following : Technical Freelancing Skills Training & Education, Authors who can publish there work and sale, Companies who want provides Reseller and Franchise Services.

ReluHost has been providing advanced, straightforward hosting solutions since 2013, and has quickly risen to leadership in the web hosting industry due to our customer-focused mission: to make hosting reliable, helpful and easy. All our equipment is carefully chosen to ensure maximum uptime and performance for your sites. uses superior quality servers with dual quad core processors, 12 GB of RAM. We use high-performance hard drives setup with raid 10 to provide increased speed and data security.

JSOFT Exploring Technologies

JSOFT EXploring Technologies

JSOFT Exploring technologies was batkhela malakand based , IT solutions Company providing Traditional IT Services including ,Software development ,IT Training and Internet Marketing and Internet Security Services from 2013 to 2016.



Bansatgar’s Goal is to Build Future Entrepreneurs and Innovators.Bansatgar's Provides Free Trainings on Entrepreneurship and Business.Bansatgar's Also provides Free and 50%off Trainings on Academia and Tech Industry.

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